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50% focus

... CHNOLOGY CAMERONSINO We do all kinds of cases, screen protectors, speakers and batteries in the beginning. After the first pot of gold was earned, the founder decided to focus his market on battery products which targeting to build up a Battery Supermarket, YOUR ONE STOP BATTERY SUPPLIER! ...

50% focus

... Scientists and Pharmacologists providing us with world class research and development to offer high performance result driven products iSkin Skin Serums and Collagen powders The Skin Serum range is focused on rejuvenation and restoration. Its cutting edge pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and medical-grade formulations create a powerful skincare range. The Serums deliver excellent results on its ...

50% focus

... an district, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Номера телефона +86 (577) 86821358; +86 (577) 86997777 Номера факса +86 (577) 86815501; +86 (577) 86815502 We are the factory focusing on the manufacture and export of valves for more than thirty years. We can offer a wide variety of materials and sizes of valves which was used in pertroleum field ,energy field, metallurgy, ...

50% focus

... btains High and New Technology Enterprise by China MIIT(Ministry of industry & Information Technology).Our main products are various digital TV receivers such as DVB-T/T2/C/S/S2,ATSC,DMB-TH,ISDB-T.We focus in Technology innovation and user s satisfaction improvement, look forward to building mutual beneficial and long term relationships with customers. ...

50% focus

... , CHINA ТЕЛЕФОН: +86 0755 82592036 HD Receiver Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of SET TOP BOX. Located in Bao An, Shen zhen, we focus on the R&D, manufacturing and sales. Covering an area of over 4000 square meters, we now have more than 500 employees and an annual production of high-end SetTopBox, including ISDB-T, DVB-T/T2, ...

50% focus

... H2DAY FOol, N, 472 886-2-86626469; INTERCHARM professional 2017 (N) H2DAY CO., LTD. As technology improves every day , it gradually comes into people s focus to maintain good health. Scientists have found that hydrogen has a significant influence on eliminating free radicals. Driven by such magical anti-oxidant effect on human bodies, H2DAY s Hydroge ...

50% focus
Hansen Protection A.S.

... rotection has developed a full range of helicopter equipment for the users with the highest expectations. Comfort & safety goes hand in hand, when ease of movements in normal work situations has been focus in the design of the suits. Our choice of durable and breathable materials and functional features provide comfort in all conditions. All equipment is approved according to the latest EASA ETSO ...

50% focus
Kirsten Soldering AG

... ра телефона +41 (41) 7470480; +41 (41) 7470492 Номер факса +41 (41) 7470481 We have more than 35 years experience in manufacturing high-quality THT soldering machines. Our focus was to continually optimize soldering processes to achieve best results. ...

50% focus
LeDiamond Opto Corporation

... s White reached 180lm per Watt at 5700K (CRI 70), warm white 160lm per Watt at 2700K (CRI 80) mass production Milestone. R&D team has many years of practical experience in the LED package can quickly focus on customer product needs Speed provides solutions to shorten customer development process to reach a win-win with customers. * Декоративное освещение * Комплектующие изделия для светодиодов ...

50% focus

... Osteomed HpcOofql, 7, 100; ЕВРАЗИЙСКИЙ ОРТОПЕДИЧЕСКИЙ ФОРУМ 2017 (7) Osteomed Остеомед Osteomed trademark has been known since 1989. Constant drive for improvement and focus on meeting the needs of practicing surgeons and their patients allowed the company to take the leading positions among producers of implants and instruments for traumatology and orthopedics. ...

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